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Standard Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd. is a premier manufacturer and exporter of natural herbal products like Essential Oils, Cold Press Career Oils, Spice Oils, Ayurvedic Oils, Extracts, etc. Our range encompasses a wide variety of organic, natural and ayurvedic ingredients sourced from different regions in the India. Our products are manufactured in Government certified facilities and we have the highest quality control standards. We export to over 25 cities around the country and our oil is a part of thousands of blends that are distributed in more than 50 cities nationwide.

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Essential Oil

Essential oils are compounds extracted from plants. The oils capture the plant's scent and flavor, or “essence.”

Ayurvedic Oil

Ayurvedic body oils are traditionally prepared by using a blend of specified herbal parts, water, and oil.


Oil extraction is defined the process of separating lipids from the harvested and concentrated algal biomass.

Spice Oil

Spice oil is a spice derivative that are extracted generally by steam distillation process.

Cold Press Oil​

“Cold pressed oils are made without heat or chemicals, the process is solely mechanical.”

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